Ad Tech Solutions

The Media Trust verifies your online ads, prevents malware and data leakage

Online and mobile publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand platforms lack the infrastructure and resources to continuously scan their public-facing websites or demand assets for suspicious or malicious code, data leakage and site performance issues. Many publishers also lack the ability to monitor and manage the rest of the third-party code running on their websites.

Most have no clue about the various third- and fourth-party vendors, domains and cookies, which can number in the dozens, present on their site, how they got there, how long they have been there and their specific function. Without this transparency, a website is nearly defenseless against malware, site performance issues and data leakage, which results in both lost revenue and privacy violations.

The ad network and exchange model is predicated on speed and enabling simultaneous access to the universe of available buyers and sellers. Given the enormous volume of ads successfully served each day, the model works fantastically well and automated buying/selling in media continues to improve every day.

The industry, however, must continue to improve the quality of the advertising and third-party content running through the online and mobile ecosystems. In addition, all companies - from advertisers to publishers and every service provider in between - need to be part of the solution. They need to develop and institute processes to remediate issues upon notification in real time.

The Media Trust provides a robust suite of SaaS-based services that prevent malware, site performance issues and data leakage, all of which can and do wreak havoc on websites.

The company provides publishers of all sizes with visual ad verification for geographically-targeted campaigns. This industry-leading technology ensures thousands of media buys in over 40 countries are executed correctly, reducing discrepancies, errors and make-good scenarios in-flight.