If you're an advertiser or agency responsible for advertising online or on the mobile web The Media Trust can help ensure your campaigns are delivered to your intended audience and provide insight into where your competitors are advertising.

Verify Campaigns Are Reaching Their Intended Audience

Through Media Verifier we provide independent, third-party verification on whether or not ad campaigns have launched in accordance with any line items included in the contract. That means we make sure your ad is running on the correct web page and being delivered to the intended web users- whether demographic, geographic, behavioral or mobile targeting is being used. We have automated this entire process to include screenshot delivery of the ad and its placement in the form of a virtual tear sheet that is date and time-stamped with where we found it (website or mobile app) and how (type of targeting used). Since we begin the verification process once a campaign goes live, we can alert you to problems with the delivery or targeting early on, giving you the ability to resolve problems before additional impressions are wasted.

Who Else Advertises Where I Do?

During the flight of the campaign we can also provide you insight into the share of ad impressions your campaign is receiving on the websites where it is running. Our in-campaign report provides an overview of which advertisers are also running on websites where your ads are being seen and what ad creative units are being used. Beyond specific campaigns, we continuously monitor a set of websites to help you understand which companies are advertising on them and to what extent. You define which websites to include in the report or choose from our prepacked industry vertical or DMA-specific reports. Use Media Monitor to get an edge on your competition when creating future media plans for ad campaigns.

Both Media Verifier and Media Monitor are available for online and mobile web campaigns.

Indexed Database of Ad Creatives

Beyond research reports, The Media Trust also offers a searchable database of ad creative units we have indexed from across the online and mobile web over the past couple of years. The database can be filtered by industry or advertiser making it easy to narrow down your search and find what you are looking for fast. Get ideas for future campaigns by looking at what ad creatives have been previously used across the web and by whom. This product is available under the Media Scanner suite of services.

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