Serving the Online and Mobile Ecosystem

The Media Trust provides continuous insight, analysis and vigilance

Security and Data Protection Services
The Media Trust's proprietary website and ad tag scanning technology provides continuous, non-stop protection against malware, web and mobile anomalies, site performance issues and data leakage, which leads to lost revenue and privacy violations. These all harm the customer experience, negate a brand's ability to monetize its own audience data, lead to possible privacy violations and damage the brand's reputation and, ultimately, revenue.

Leveraging its industry-leading expertise and experience in malware, site operations and the online and mobile advertising ecosystems, The Media Trust's Security-as-a-Service offerings provide a level of insight, analysis and vigilance that is unprecedented across the cybersecurity and ad tech industries.

Advertising/Content Campaign and Creative Asset Quality Services
The company also provides comprehensive quality assurance on all third-party content used by online publishers and websites. The technology has the ability to automate the process of QA'ing an ad campaign's technical and creative components, whether display, rich-media, video, search or mobile advertising.

The Media Trust's Media Verifier solution provides line-item verification and life-of-campaign verification management for online, mobile and search advertising campaigns. This industry-leading technology ensures that tens of thousands of geographically-targeted media buys in over 40 countries are executed correctly every month, reducing discrepancies, errors and make-good scenarios in-flight.

The Media Trust provides its industry-leading solutions to: