Data Protection

Ensure your website and mobile apps comply with data tracking regulations

Today's websites and mobile apps can easily infringe on consumer privacy expectations. Enterprise websites require a host of third parties to execute a page or service, and these partners can also surreptitiously track visitor behavior via cookie drops, pixel fires, device fingerprinting, etc. Not only does this activity potentially violate your IT governance and privacy policies, but also it is increasingly coming under regulatory review due to COPPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. (Infographic: Data Privacy/Protection)

The ability to identify, evaluate and document all digital partners and their activity is critical to properly mitigate risk of regulatory violations, lost revenue and reputation harm.

Data protection for consumer online behavior
Safeguard consumer data and prevent data leakage with Digital Risk Management for Data Compliance.

By scanning your website and mobile apps on a continuous, 24/7 basis, The Media Trust's Digital Risk Management for Data Compliance monitors, inspects and documents each partner and any data tracking elements present on your site or app. This timely and actionable information helps you demonstrate compliance with government regulations which helps mitigate penalties and fines.

Compliance mechanism for digital properties


  • Partners: Identify and document your direct and indirect partners associated with delivering digital content to consumers.
  • Activity: Verify digital partner activity compliance with relevant privacy directives.


  • Violations: Communicate unauthorized or noncompliant activity with direct upstream partner
  • Relationships: Share digital vendor risk policy information with partners to avoid repeated violations


  • Monitor: Continuously scan digital assets for changing partners and activities
  • Authorize: Track all your partners and records their approved activity scope
  • Audit: Generate custom reports to track progress and inform decisions via a centralized reporting dashboard