Digital Threat Intelligence

Secure the enterprise and employee Internet use with real-time, validated web-based threat data

  • What protections do you have against rapidly emerging web-based threats?
  • Are you able to protect your enterprise from everyday employee Internet use?
  • How do you know which threats are just another false positive?
  • Where can you find real-time, accurate and original source—not compiled—threat intelligence?

Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI) from The Media Trust answers these questions. A threat feed, DTI provides real-time, actionable intelligence that is 100% derived from The Media Trust's continuous, 24/7 monitoring of the digital media ecosystem, specifically compromised third-party website code and advertisements.

Leveraging a panoramic view of the digital ecosystem gained through constant monitoring of websites, mobile apps and digital advertising across a variety of online and mobile browser/OS, device, geography and user profile combinations, DTI delivers real-time qualitative and quantitative information on actual malware attacking the most heavily-trafficked websites visited by employees and everyday consumers.

Digital Threat Intelligence empowers security operation center (SOC) and information security teams to:

  • Protect site visitors and employees from everyday web-borne malware attacks
  • Conduct IP and domain reputation analysis and/or correlate malware issues
  • Augment anti-virus and firewall capabilities with real-time, validated malware data
  • Secure networks by blocking domains and IP addresses from serving on corporate or government networks
  • Prevent malware from downloading—via content, third-party code and advertisements—onto websites, mobile apps and end-user devices

Available via API or direct access to The Media Trust's web-based interface, DTI can be easily integrated with any network monitoring/blocking system or third-party SIEM to enable real-time blocking of the compromised code.

Don't have a blocking system or SIEM in place? Ask us for information about our partners.