Malware Prevention

The Media Trust provides continuous, 24/7 protection against web-based malware

Web-based malware is a serious threat to websites and the online and mobile advertising ecosystems, and it’s growing at an alarming rate. Malware is silent, invisible and always changing making it easy to attack any website, especially those that rely on third-party code to serve the page. Basically, every customer-facing website is continuously at risk for malware to infiltrate their website and their site’s visitors.

Because malware is the ultimate shape shifter, the scope of the problem is absolutely staggering. Malvertising compromised more than 10 billion ad impressions in 2013 and its fast, unabated growth will only continue.

The rapid proliferation of different smartphones and tablets, the emergence of streaming video services like Netflix, the growth in browser/operating system combinations and the increasing sophistication in serving and targeting ads and third-party content inadvertently enable malware purveyors to:

  • Reach broad audiences in very short time frames
  • Target specific audiences
  • Avoid detection by exploiting the same methods used by legitimate companies to monetize the web

Allocating more resources and increasing investments in technology designed to protect your network, end points and web apps cannot and will not protect you from web-based malware. They’re not designed to do so.

The only way to prevent web-based malware from attacking your website and your site's visitors is through continuous, 24/7 scanning.

The Media Trust provides a comprehensive suite of robust, 24/7 website scanning services that provide the level of protection needed to prevent malware from attacking both your site and your site visitors: