Media Scanner for Ad Tags

Media Scanner for Ad Tags prevents malware, data leakage and QA issues

The constant threat of ad tag-based malware and data leakage
Serving a single online or mobile ad requires many different third-parties, with each outside entity representing a potential entry point for malware, data leakage and site performance issues. Subsequently, without continuous inspection, ad tags have the potential to cause great harm to your website and the customer experience, negate your brand’s ability to monetize its own audience data, cause privacy violations and damage your brand’s reputation and, ultimately, impact revenue.

With a physical presence in more than 500 major cities located across six continents, The Media Trust’s proprietary ad tag scanning technology continuously detects, analyzes and alerts on every ad tag served by an ad network or exchange or to an ad-supported website, providing continuous:

  • Malware protection
  • Ad tag anomaly detection and analysis
  • First-party data protection
  • Ad specification and policy enforcement

Malware prevention
The Media Trust’s Media Scanner prevents ad tag-based malware from harming your website, not to mention your site’s visitors. This Security-as-a-Service offering scans all ad tags served to your site on a continuous, 24/7 basis, enabling the immediate detection and alerting on any tag/creative infected with malicious code so you can remove and then block the offending ad.

Ad tag anomaly detection and analysis
The Media Trust’s Media Scanner uses its proprietary scanning technology to detect, inspect, analyze and alert on every ad anomaly downloaded to your company’s website. When Media Scanner detects an anomaly, The Media Trust’s Malware Team not only alerts you immediately so you can both remove and block the ad, but the team also analyzes the anomalous ad.

Analyzing the tag allows the team to gain a better understanding of the code’s origins, pathway, purpose and overall design. This in-depth analysis not only protects you, but also allows The Media Trust’s Malware Team to further cultivate its deep institutional knowledge of anomalous and malicious code. This self-perpetuating, virtuous cycle keeps The Media Trust at the forefront of web, ad tag and mobile anomaly detection and continuously improves the level of protection the Company provides.

First-party data protection
The Media Trust’s Media Scanner protects websites from advertisers collecting data on your website visitors without your knowledge or consent. Known as ‘data leakage,’ this unauthorized collection and subsequent monetization of your website’s audience data by a third party is a serious issue facing all websites.

Without ever notifying or compensating your company, these third parties sell your first-party data often below market rates to other competitive websites. Along with lost revenue, the unauthorized collection of audience data may also violate your company’s IT governance and privacy policies as well as the growing collection of governmental regulations and mandates.

The Media Scanner protects against data leakage by detecting, inspecting and analyzing all ads served onto your site. If the code is unknown, unauthorized or designed to capture your audience data, the Media Scanner’s Data Protection team immediately alerts you so you can remove and then block the offending tag.

Ad specification and policy enforcement
Leveraging its proprietary 24/7 detecting, analyzing and alerting technology, Media Scanner conducts comprehensive quality assurance on the technical and creative components of all ads served to your site. By conducting continuous QA on either a site’s or network/exchange’s tags, Media Scanner ensures your brand’s safety by detecting and alerting on any offensive, competitive, block-listed, or channel-conflict ads.

More specifically, the Media Scanner service performs rigorous quality assurance on an ad campaign’s technical and creative components, whether display, rich-media, video, search or mobile advertising. This QA can be performed pre-launch and in flight and ensures all ads served meet your site’s technical and creative policies and guidelines.

For technical specification enforcement, the Media Scanner service provides:

  • Continuous, 24/7 monitoring of an ad’s technical components pre-launch and in flight
  • Continuous, 24/7 monitoring of any changes made to an ad’s technical components in flight
  • Cataloguing of all creative by ad tag and advertiser, which you can access when a manual review is necessary
  • More than 25 different technical metrics for assessing and evaluating a ad’s technical aspects

For visual quality policy enforcement, the Media Scanner service provides:

  • Three major types of metrics used for alerting and client reports, with each providing multiple sub metrics:
    • Industry or vertical
    • Advertiser company and/or brand
    • Creative Characteristics
  • Continuous, 24/7 monitoring of the ad’s creative components pre-launch and in flight
  • Continuous, 24/7 monitoring of any creative changes occurring in flight
  • Cataloguing of all creative by ad tag, if a manual review is necessary
  • A client-specific creative library, which is a database of all the creative detected and made searchable by any of the above criteria

Customized Reporting and Alerts Enable Continuous Enforcement
Whether detecting for malware, data leakage or quality issues in a tag’s creative or technical components, the Media Scanner provides you and your team with robust alert and reporting engines, which enable instant alerting and notification as well as reports detailing site activity generated daily, weekly or any client-defined frequency. The solution is also able to export issues directly to your upstream partners, which speeds the resolution of the issue more quickly and efficiently.