Data Protection

Media Scanner™ protects against data leakage

Ad tags can enable the capture of first-party data
Occurring with greater and greater frequency, data leakage is the collection of valuable first party data by various third parties, who then resell your data or redirect your digital audience to competitive sites, without ever notifying or compensating your company. Unfortunately, most marketing and web security teams fail to track and monitor these third parties, so they never realize their valuable audience data is leaking off the website.

Websites' reliance on third-party code cannot be overstated. Recent studies show that 78% of the source code executing on the websites of most Fortune 1000 companies is from third parties and therefore not under the site operator's control. For ecommerce sites and mobile apps, the percentage is even higher.

Along with lost revenue, having a host of unwanted or unknown trackers may also violate your own IT governance and privacy policies as well as the growing collection of government regulations and mandates. Collectively, these cause damage to your brand and your corporate reputation while exposing your business to regulatory fines and penalties.

Detect, analyze and report on ad tag activity
The Media Trust's Media Scanner™ service protects your website from the constant threat of data leakage by detecting, analyzing and reporting on the advertisers, vendors, domains and data tracking activity executing through the ad tags on your website. The service, in turn, provides timely and actionable information for resolving data leakage issues with your data, analytics and advertising partners.

From a large array of servers located in 500 cities spread across six continents and using many browser/OS combinations and automated user interactions, the Media Scanner solution scans your ad tags at appropriate frequencies to ensure your first-party data is protected on a continuous, 24/7 basis.

With The Media Trust's Media Scanner continuously scanning and inspecting your ad tags, you gain the following:

  • Granular visibility and continuous control over the ad tags running through your system or on your site, how long each tag has been there, its pathway and its purpose or function
  • Immediate notification and alerting so you can quickly resolve data leakage issues
  • 24/7 in-house, on-shore technical support staffed by experienced software engineers
  • Comprehensive, yet flexible reporting that gives you the detailed visibility and control needed to manage and protect your website or ad exchange/network

A Security-as-a-Service offering, Media Scanner for Data Protection detects, catalogues and alerts on a wide range of data leakage elements, including:

  • Domains/hosts/URLs
  • Pixels
  • HTTP/HTTPS utilization
  • Browser cookies (Name, Lifespan, Unique/non-unique categorization)
  • DOM storage manipulation
  • Flash cookies

The solution also provides detailed background information on the domains and cookies present in the scan execution, including:

  • Parent company
  • Company description
  • Company website and privacy policy
  • Company contact information
  • Services provided
  • Browser cookie definition and purpose

By leveraging The Media Trust's deep domain expertise and proven experience, as well as the visibility the Company gains by continuously scanning hundreds of thousands of websites and more than 10 million ad tags at a very high frequency each day, you can remediate issues faster and more efficiently, saving both time and money.

How Media Scanner for Data Protection works
The Media Trust's Media Scanner integrates with your ad server, via API, which enables the seamless delivery of all ad tags to the Media Scanner solution. You can also manually enter the tags into Media Scanner solution via the system's password-protected customer portal.

When data leakage is detected, the Media Scanner system immediately sends an API call and notifies you and your team via email, so you can immediately remove and block the offending tag or cookie, which prevents any more data from leaving the URL.

Customized reporting and alerts
Whether detecting for malware, HTTPS, data leakage or site performance issues, the Media Scanner provides you and your team with robust alert and reporting engines, which enable instant, real-time alerting and notification as well as reports detailing site activity generated daily, weekly or any client-defined frequency and distribution. The solution is also able to export issues directly to your upstream partners, which speeds the resolution of the issue quickly and efficiently.