Media Scanner for Websites

Media Scanner for Websites prevents malware, data leakage and site performance issues

Customer-facing websites face a constant barrage of threats and challenges
The Media Trust's Media Scanner continuously protects publicly available websites from malware, site performance issues and data leakage, which harm the customer experience, negate a brand's ability to monetize its own audience data, lead to possible privacy violations and damage the brand's reputation and, ultimately, impact revenue.

With a physical presence in more than 500 major cities located across six continents, The Media Trust's proprietary website scanning technology monitors, inspects, analyzes and notifies on every unknown or unauthorized piece of third-party code downloaded to your site, providing your website with:

  • Malware prevention
  • Web and mobile anomaly detection and analysis
  • Encryption compliance
  • Rigorous inspection of third-party content
  • First-party data protection
  • Protection against site performance issues

Malware Prevention
The Media Trust's Media Scanner prevents web-based malware from infecting and impacting your website, not to mention your site's visitors. Working on a continuous, 24/7 basis, The Security-as-a-Service detects, inspects, analyzes and alerts on any instance of web-based malware, which can easily invade your site and your site's visitors via proprietary code or third parties like data management platforms, advertising re-targeters, analytic firms and sales platforms.

Web Anomaly Detection and Analysis
The Media Trust's Media Scanner's proprietary website scanning technology lets you achieve true transparency across your entire website, because you always know in real time what's on the site, how long it's been there and the function it serves.

Through its continuous, in-depth analysis of all web anomalies, The Media Trust's Malware Team gains a better understanding of the code's origins, pathway, purpose and overall design. By analyzing changes in code execution in real-time, malware events are stopped before they can harm site visitors. This in-depth analysis not only protects your website, but it also cultivates the company's deep institutional knowledge of anomalous and malicious code. This self-perpetuating, virtuous cycle keeps The Media Trust at the forefront of web, ad tag and mobile anomaly detection and continuously improves the level of protection the Company provides.

Encryption Compliance
By continuously scanning all third-party content, ad tags and code, including cookies, running on your site, Media Scanner for Encryption Compliance automates the process of enforcing and maintaining HTTPS compliance. The solution continuously examines and analyzes URLs, ad tags and third-party content used to serve a site, ensuring each entity and every call is 100% encrypted. This Media Scanner service scans and analyzes the following components:

  • Native website URLs
  • Display and video advertising
  • Third-party content and native advertising

Scanning and inspecting third-party content
Media Scanner also scans and inspects all third-party content used by your site. This third-party content can range from dynamically-served content, video, weather and other local information, native advertising, advertorials and microsites, which are all seamlessly integrated into your site's look, feel and experience. The Media Trust's Media Scanner continuously scans this external content - no matter its source or medium - to ensure it meets your company's data and security policies, meets secure-call compliance, and protects against malware or any web anomalies.

First-party Data Protection
The Media Trust's Media Scanner protects websites like yours from data leakage, which can lead to lost revenue and privacy violations. A serious, growing concern, first-party data leakage is the unauthorized collection and subsequent monetization by a third party of your website's audience data, which is extremely valuable.

Then, without ever notifying or compensating your company, these third parties sell this first-party data, often below market rates to other competitive websites. Along with lost revenue, having a host of unwanted or unknown trackers on your website may also violate your company's IT governance and privacy policies as well as the growing collection of governmental regulations and mandates.

The Media Scanner protects against data leakage by detecting, analyzing and alerting on each and every piece of third-party code, including browser cookies, present onto your site. If the code is unknown, unauthorized or designed to capture your audience data, the Media Scanner's Data Protection team immediately alerts you so you can remove and then block the code. The team also investigates the code's origins, pathway and function, providing you with continuous, detailed transparency across your entire site.

Preventing site performance issues
Media Scanner also helps mitigates any site performance issues caused when a large number of third-party domains collect on your site. This unintended 'weight gain' - the accumulation of all the third-party code on the page - can result in extra-long load times, often frustrating readers enough that they abandon the URL.

Over time, sites with chronic latency issues experience substantial decreases in website traffic, which negatively impacts investments in marketing, the overall website experience, revenue and the overall brand. Media Scanner eliminates this issue by constantly detecting, analyzing and alerting on all third party code detected enabling you to manage the overall volume and type of code allowed.

Customized reporting and alerts
Whether detecting for malware, HTTPS, data leakage or site performance issues, the Media Scanner provides you and your team with robust alert and reporting engines, which enable instant, real-time alerting and notification as well as reports detailing site activity generated daily, weekly or any client-defined frequency and distribution. The solution is also able to export issues directly to your upstream partners, which speeds the resolution of the issue more quickly and efficiently.