Media Scanner is a set of services that help protect your revenue and reputation by providing full transparency into the activity occurring through direct and third-party ad tags as well as cookies and pixels on publisher websites. Media Trust has been scanning 3rd party tags for years. We know all the tricks played, and can spot trouble from a mile away.

Creative Quality Assurance Audit

Before a campaign launches we screen each ad creative file to determine whether or not it exceeds guidelines related to file size and identify any latency issues with the execution of the creative code, which can impact web page performance and user experience. Additional technical attributes (FPS, size, etc) are available. In the event the creative is modified or swapped out during the flight of a campaign, we can alert you to these changes in real-time.

As part of the audit we add the scanned creative to our database, providing you with your own searchable library of ad creative categorized by industry and brand name. By indexing this information on your behalf, we reduce the time it takes to create or launch new ad campaigns, as well as identify potential channel conflicts and creative brand safety issues.

Malvertising Detection

Our system alerts you to overt malvertising attacks or potentially malicious software code or viruses embedded in ad tags or distributed through syndicated content by fake agencies and known malware domains. We isolate the suspect code in the ad creative and identify the domain responsible for propagating the malicious ad creative within the daisy-chain of ad calls to a website, helping you thwart the harmful activity before it reaches unknowing visitors.

Clients of The Media Trust also benefit from being part of our network of websites being scanned when malvertising is discovered elsewhere- alerting you to the issue before it reaches your website. By continuously monitoring ad tags and syndicated content for malware, The Media Trust can help clean up your online advertising relationships, creating a safe environment for visitors and a more profitable one with advertisers.

Data Leakage

We identify ad creative units and embedded JavaScript tools on publisher websites (such as commenting or sharing services) that are cookie-ing users or sending tracking pixels to third-parties. Our rule-based system can identify traditional browser, as well as flash-based, cookies from advertisers, demand-side platforms or third-party data exchanges via real-time alert or end-of-day summary email.

The information we provide can be leveraged to stop these off-domain parties from unauthorized access and use of your audience's web surfing behavioral data. By setting up policies to address data leakage you can ensure compliance with potential industry and federal standards around consumer privacy and avoid losing revenue opportunities with advertisers looking to retarget these users across other websites.

Because of the nature of the relationship and lack of control over the advertisers, The Media Trust recommends scanning third-party ad tags from demand-side platforms, exchanges, ad networks and sell-side platforms multiple times per hour for malvertising and data leakage to ensure the these revenue generating relationships do not ruin your company's reputation with your direct advertisers and audience.

Pricing for Media Scanner is based on the number of ad tags and/or domain URLs being scanned, and the frequency of scans in a given day. Contact us to find out more.