The Media Trust's flagship service automates the entire ad verification and reporting process for online, mobile and search advertising campaigns.

To satisfy publisher, agency, network and advertiser needs for accountability we provide verification with visual confirmation that all line items in a contract are executing correctly. This includes behavioral, demographic and geographic target assurance, as well as identifying any delivery errors before they become make-good situations. All collected data is retained in our systems for a minimum of two years for auditing and discrepancy resolution purposes.

The Media Trust verifies over 25,000 campaigns a month, encompassing hundreds of billions of impressions. To provide complete geographic verification we maintain a presence in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities.

Key features of Media Verifier include:

Targeted Campaign Capabilities

Media Verifier is able to provide line item quality assurance for campaigns that leverage a variety of user targeting options.

We replicate intended cookie-structures to verify campaigns are running against the required user profile (i.e. auto-intenders) and not other types of consumers (i.e. motorcycle-enthusiasts)

We also ensure your ad creative is being served against the correct age-range and gender combination (i.e. males, 18-34 years old) and not accidentally being targeted to someone else (males, 44-65 years old)

Our system has a physical presence in over 200 cities in 40 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and South America allowing The Media Trust to verify campaigns that are being delivered at a geographic level. We support IP address, form-based and Yahoo's Universal Location Manager geographic targeting

We track campaigns targeted by device manufacturer or wireless carrier in the United States

Simple Ad Server Integration

Our product integrates directly into the most widely used ad management and serving platforms out there from ADTECH, APT, DART, OAS, OpenX and Zedo to proprietary systems. This provides The Media Trust with real-time access to campaign flight information, allowing us to verify that insertion orders are executing correctly within several hours of launch in most cases.

Industry Standards Supported

We support campaign verification for almost any type of ad creative (search text, JPEG images, Flash, rich media or video pre-roll and overlays) across online and mobile publisher websites as well as mobile applications (Android, Blackberry and iPhone) and search result pages.


Media Verifier is charged on a per campaign basis, depending on number of campaigns verified per month and complexity of the targeting requirements, so there are no escalating costs for larger ad campaigns. Contact us to find out more.