With so many advertising clients, ad network and platform partner demands being placed on publishers' ad sales and operations teams, you need a partner like The Media Trust that can alleviate some of the mundane tasks while providing you with insight into what is going on with your ad inventory, besides just the delivery of ad creative.

Trust the intentions of your clients and ad partners, but verify through us.

Verify Campaigns Are Reaching Their Intended Audience

Let the Media Trust provide third-party verification that your clients' ad campaigns have launched correctly across your website through Media Verifier. We automate the screen shot capture and virtual tear sheet production for you, so you can just forward the report to your clients instead of wasting internal resources and time on performing this task manually. By integrating The Media Trust into your ad server we can immediately begin the verification process once a campaign has launched. This includes verifying audience targeting parameters included in the insertion order (such as demographic, geographic and behavioral) against the intended audience if necessary. We immediately notify you of any incorrect delivery, execution or targeting issues before they become make-good situations with clients. We support verification for most types of online and mobile ad formats- from search and display to video pre-roll and apps.

Find New Sales Leads

Leverage Media Monitor to find new sale leads by discovering which advertisers are spending ad dollars on your competitors' online and mobile websites. Choose from our local area and industry vertical monitors or create your own set of websites for The Media Trust to track display advertising for on your behalf. Media Monitor can also be used to track competitive positioning for paid keyword search advertising as well as organic search results.

By combining the efficiency of Media Verifier with the intelligence of Media Monitor you can find new ways to generate online advertising sales while easing the burden on your ad ops team.

Protect Your Revenue and Reputation

The Media Trust also offers the Media Scanner suite of services that monitor your website for ad creative latency, malvertising issues and data leakage — all which impact the safety, privacy and user experience of visitors to your website.

Before a campaign even launches, our creative QA audit process identifies any excessively large file sizes and latencies in the execution of the ad creative which can hamper page loads and inevitably user experience. As part of the audit we add the scanned creative to our database, providing you with your own searchable library of ad creatives categorized by industry and brand name.

Once a campaign has launched we continuously scan your ad tags (direct advertiser and agency tags as well as those from your ad network and platform partners) so we can alert you to overt or potential malware running on your website. Working with The Media Trust also allows you to benefit from our client network when malvertising is discovered running through our other clients' ad tags, ensuring you are notified before these attacks reach your web visitors.

By scanning these same ad tags, as well as your web pages, we can also identify which advertisers, DSPs, third-party data exchanges or java script-based web services (such as sharing or commenting tools embedded on your website) are executing web cookies, pixels and even flash cookies on your visitors' browsers and computers. The potential data leakage can lead to these users being targeted by advertisers off of your website resulting in lost advertiser opportunities.

If not identified early enough, each of these situations can lead to lost revenues and reputation with advertisers and consumers alike.

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