Website Governance

Digital Vendor Risk Management is the key to controlling digital assets

  • Can you identify and manage the third-party vendors used to deliver your site’s digital user experience?
  • How do you authorize and assign department ownership of these vendors and their activity?
  • How do you ensure vendor activity complies with your organization’s policies as well as the growing body of government regulations?
  • Can you measure the effect of vendor activity on website performance?

Questions like these highlight the fact that successfully managing your website requires a strong command of the collective and individual technologies, processes and vendors used to render your online presence, while simultaneously keeping your IT infrastructure secure and in compliance with company-generated and government-mandated policies regarding data privacy. Adopting a Website Governance strategy will help you satisfy these requirements.

Media Scanner™s suite of SaaS-based services, which are powered by The Media Trust’s proprietary website monitoring technology, implements Website Governance for your public-facing digital properties. Through continuous scanning of online and mobile websites, Media Scanner provides robust, real-time management and control that enables:

Whether a consumer bank, ecommerce operation, ad-supported enterprise, travel provider or traditional media publisher, Media Scanner delivers the security, data insight and performance management necessary to protect and optimize your online and mobile properties.